Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to change our beloved Africa with us? The road to becoming an Ignite Africa Fellow is a one year-long journey, and the process is designed to be as inclusive, constructive, and engaging as possible. Be sure to also visit our Apply page.

1.What is the Ignite Africa Challenge?

IGNITE AFRICA Challenge is a platform centered on unveiling youth talent across our continent for solving the most pressing problems through high impact social entrepreneurship.

We created this platform to inspire youth across the continent to come up with innovative solutions with social impact through systematic thinking that will address challenges that limits Africas growth. We support social ventures that addresses social challenges, creates value and opportunities for young entrepreneurs and the people targeted by their projects.

2.Are participants expected to solve a specific problem?

Yes. For this inaugural edition, we have selected two of the most pressing social challenges in concordance with the African Union 2063 Agenda, being the Education Crisis and Refugees Emergency.

We are providing you with specific and measurable objectives that each participating team is expected to solve through the creation of a sustainable enterprise. In June, selected participants will be invited to pitch their start-ups that specifically address the challenges identified in that year’s challenge. A clearly defined framework is also provided to ensure your idea contains the necessary qualities and mandates to be an innovative breakthrough.

3.How does Ignite Africa work?

Read our cases and apply. Our team will review the applications and successful teams will be shortlisted to be invited to the next round: the Semifinals. On site competitions will be held in Nigeria, Rwanda, and Ethiopia; if you prove to not be able to attend one of them, you’re welcome to apply to our online round. Winners of the Semifinals will attend our two-month Fellowship and Accelerator program in Nigeria.

In order to get your Fellowship certificate, your team needs to successfully complete the provided High Impact program, finalists competein Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October for a chance to be named the first Ignite Africa Laureate and win 100,000 USD!

4.What are the inaugural challenge topics?

The Education Crisis and the Refugee Emergency are the two themes for the inaugural edition. We provide you with a Challenge document for each one to inspire and guide you in your mission to create the next high impact social enterprise in Africa.

5.When do applications open?

Applications are now open. You have until June 7th 2019 to prepare a successful application, but we highly encourage you to apply early, so our selection committee has more time to assess the quality of your application, and accommodate your team in the on-site or online Semifinals.

6.How was the Ignite Africa challenge created?

The Ignite Africa challenge is the brainchild of Fahad Garba Aliyu, a social entrepreneur with experience in banking and business development, but decided to put his efforts, talent, and network for the creation of a Pan-African platform that will boost the development of the continent, focused on the specific changes Africa needs.

7. I have never run a social enterprise before. May I still apply for your program?

Yes. Ignite Africa believes in identifying and supporting talented, yet unproven, social entrepreneurs.

8.Do I need an already existing enterprise to compete?

No. Your application is not based on an existing idea or enterprise. We are looking for leaders and entrepreneurs that have the potential to create a dynamic and disruptive start-up based on their team experience and makeup.

9.Am I eligible to apply?

Eligibility criteria: People aged 35 or below as at the time the application was submitted, except if you are a student are eligible to apply.

Must be African or based in Africa.

Team Composition: This is a team competition. Teams must consist of 2 to 4 members and may be formed across different schools, institutions, companies, countries, nationalities, etc. You can find more details here

10.Who will cover the expenses at the different stages of the competition?

Competitors will be responsible for any travel costs associated with competing in the Ignite Africa Challenge Semifinals. We highly encourage you to fundraise as this will prepare you in your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. Ignite Africa covers the travel cost of our finalists.

11.Is there a fee to compete?

Ignite Africa challenge shall not charge you any fee, it is free to apply and compete.

12.What is the Fellowship and Accelerator program?

The high level fellowship and accelerator program is a two-month entrepreneurial experience where, if selected, you will learn the best practices and tools to think and solve problems systematically. We have developed a strong curriculum to provide young people the skills not only to learn how to create businesses, but to unleash their creative potential, and reinforcing ethical principles for their everyday practices. You will learn how to create for-good for-profit enterprises, as they develop socio-emotional and leadership skills as well.

13.What is the Ignite Africa Laureate?

The Ignite Africa Laureate is the winner of the year-round competition and will be awarded with a 100,000USD for the inaugural edition.

14.Terms and Conditions

You can find our terms and Conditions here