About Us

Our Objective

To nurture the continent’s youth towards achieving Agenda 2063. We want to inspire the youth of Africa towards social good and enable our continent to fulfill its rich potential.
To instill problem-solving mindsets in Young people and to fuel African societies for increased development.


To work with youths to harness their untapped potential to develop sustainable solutions to social challenges affecting our continent.


An Africa with inspired and dedicated youth who are actively contributing to its social and economic development.

Who we are

Ignite Africa Challenge is a Non-Governmental Organization working towards shaping the future of Africa through its youth. Ignite Africa started operations and was registered in April 2019.
We are a young passionate team inspired by the potential we've seen in Africa committed to work towards a shared future.We identify ourselves as a non-conventional development partner that seeks to integrate the common value of different actors and sectors.

What we do

We work with youth to inspire, challenge, train, fund and mentor them to shape a sense of a joint and shared future and also have a growth mindset. Through the alignment of strategies around objectives of impact, we catalyze collective transformation for sustainable growth of our continent. It’s imperative to work with youths in other to create a safe space for them and allowing them to become authors of their own stories.

How we do it

  • Through an innovative platform for youth that challenges them to think outside the box and instills Pan Africanism in them.
  • We generate deep knowledge through strong partnerships that help them release their creative energy and underpin innovative solutions.
  • We sharpen the thinking about the challenges and teach them to build enterprises that grow between change and the uncertainty.
  • We enhance the human development of our social entrepreneurs and leaders with a gender perspective, and a peace and security architecture.
  • We build strong relationships across the continent that enables us to grow with a purpose for positioning Africa as a Global Development Hub.
  • Why we do it

    According to a World Bank Report, although the poverty rate in Africa has dropped in recent years, rapid population growth means that the number of people suffering poverty keeps growing: from 280 million in 1990 to an estimated 522 million in 2013.

    • Average Africa is 19 years old
    • Largest workforce in the world by 2035 of a billion people
    • Sub- Sharan Africa hosts more tan 26% of the world’s refugees; Over 18 million people in this región are of concern to UNHCR.
    • According to UNESCO, over a fifth of children between the ages of 6-11 in Sub Saharan African are out of school, a third of youth between the ages of 12-14. Almost 60% of youth between the ages of 15-17 are not in school.
    • Over 300 million do not have Access to safe drinking water.
    • Of the 20 countries in the world with the worst food and nutrition security, 19 are in Africa.
    It's time to change this reality. For better and for all.